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Michael Touchette


For more than thirty years, Michael Touchette has worked as a real estate developer and builder in the New England area. As the founder and owner of MT Realty, Michael has overseen the construction of numerous projects. Outside of work one of Michael’s favorite hobbies is traveling with his wife and friends. As a result of his many travels, Michael has gained a better understanding and a greater appreciation of the world’s different cultures.

Two of Michael Touchette’s favorite travel destinations include Saint Barthélemy and Saint-Tropez, France. Over the years, Michael has made multiple trips to both destinations. St. Bart’s is the perfect blend of French and Caribbean culture. There aren’t direct flights to the island, so visitors either arrive on their own private plane, fly on a small plane that leaves from St. Maarten, or take the ferry from St. Maarten. When it comes to accommodation, renting a villa is one of the most popular options. Some of the companies that own villas will also assist travelers with dinner reservations and transportation to and from the airport.

Michael Touchette uses American Express Travel to book all of his trips. The service makes it easy to plan every detail of a trip from flights to dinner reservations. Plus, the customer service that Amex offers is exceptional. Michael uses Amex to plan all of his reservations and activities ahead of time. If he decides to cancel or rearrange things when he arrives at his destination, it’s easy to update his itinerary.

Planning ahead and being organized are not only important factors to success in the real estate industry. They also make traveling easier and more enjoyable. Just as Michael does not like delays when it comes to the construction process, he also dislikes delays while traveling. By planning everything in advance, though, Michael is able to minimize setbacks and focus on his trip.

One of Michael’s favorite domestic destinations is Nantucket, MA. During the summer he spends nearly every weekend on the island with his friends and family. Michael Touchette typically works 12 hour days, so during the summer he enjoys relaxing on the weekends. After a weekend in Nantucket, he can return to work energized and ready to tackle the next project.

Professional Overview

Michael Touchette believes that the best part of being a real estate developer is helping clients build their dream homes. Sharing in the excitement and joy that clients experience as the home comes into existence is incredibly pleasing. Building a home from the ground up—especially if you have never done it before—can be an intimidating endeavor for some clients. However, Michael’s years of experience help put clients at ease and make the undertaking run smoothly. As a result of the decades he has devoted to working in the real estate industry, Michael is talented at envisioning what the finished project will look like and sharing this vision with clients.

Michael’s latest project is called Essex Landing. For three years Michael worked tirelessly to get the project approved—work that included rezoning the land before construction started. When the $150 million project is completed it will feature 300 luxury apartments, two hotels with 300 hundred rooms, and 100 square feet of retail and restaurant space. With Essex Landing, Michael hopes to attract young professionals and older individuals who want to downsize. To learn more about the project, visit its official site.