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Traveling is tedious. It’s as simple as that. As amazing as it is to see parts of our world for the first time, the journey to our destinations is not always smooth. Airports are one of the busiest places to be, especially during peak travel times. On long trips, layovers are inevitable but if you end up at an exciting and major airport, it can add some life to your dreary days of travel. Here are some of the airports, that wouldn’t be so terrible to get stuck at.



For quite a few years now, travelers have raved about the put-together feel in the Portland airport. Portland International Airport (PDX) is well known for their food variety. In the heart of one of the most vegan/vegetarian-friendly cities, the airport couldn’t leave those visiting without a similar mindset. With a variety of dining options, PDX can make any long layover feel like a quick stop in the northwestern town. Have you heard about their carpet? It’s a popular hashtag on social media. The retro-looking flooring has made a name for itself and even has its own Instagram account with over 22k followers. Most importantly, is the efficiency of the airport and their staff. Those who frequent PDX have only positive things to say about the airport.



If you need to make a stop anywhere in Asia, you should do everything you can to make it at the Singapore Airport. For the past five years, travelers have praised SIN for its diversity and enjoyable atmosphere. This year, they are adding a swimming pool, yes you read that right, a swimming pool! When you enter SIN, you will feel as though you are walking through a high-end hotel rather than the typically dreary feel of most airports. The architecture, live plants, luxurious accommodations, and dining will make you never want to leave the walls of the building. Realistically, it should be turned into a resort with the number of entertainment (water slide, spa, movie theatre) and food opportunities that it provides. Pretty soon people will plan trips to Singapore just to say they got to experience the thrill of SIN.


Stay tuned for more airports that are layover heaven!