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The new year is all about resolutions. While many people use this time to diet or create a gym plan, there are many others who have different goals. Being an adventurer, my new year’s resolution is to continue traveling with the people I love. While these may not seem like status quo destinations, here are some of the hot spots to hit in 2019.

French Polynesia

The French Polynesian islands are some of the most beautiful in the world. With 118 total, and 67 of them inhabited, there are plenty of options on where to stay. Many of the islands are tropical havens, including Moorea and Tahiti. The islands are covered in beautiful waterfalls, added to the scenic pleasures of the area. French Polynesia holds over a thousand miles of ocean. While this destination is unique in that it lacks the usual tourist attractions, the mosaic islands are truly a sight to be seen.

Mexico City

While many people travel for the sake of sightseeing, there are also some of us out there who travel for food, which leads us to Mexico City. While it is less obvious than others on this list, Mexico City is a travel destination rich with culture. Mexico City is famous for its food, specifically corn tortilla stuffed with your taco favorites, including ones you have yet to discover. The capital of Mexico is home to hundreds of family-owned Tortillerias that line the streets. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find the farmers who grow the corn that the culture is so heavily built on. Mexico City is a perfect destination for any foodie.

Dordogne, France

This southwestern region of France is notorious for its prehistoric caves, castles you hear about in children’s books, its year-round markets, and picturesque gardens and water mill along the river. The locals in the area are a treat themselves, many having lived there their whole lives. The area is also known for its nine Michelin starred restaurants, and the region is rich in black truffles. Dordogne is dripping in romance and is the perfect destination for 2019.