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The first step to taking any trip is packing. When it comes down to it, we always start our vacation or business trip with deciding which suitcase is going to hold what we need. For long, international trips, it may not be as feasible to pack light, however, it can be done. Man travelers waste time and money on over-packing and there is a solution! Check out some of these tips for packing light in preparation for your next flight, no matter where it takes you.


Make a List

One of the main causes of over-packing is a lack of preparation. Many people wait until the last minute to pack and in the chaos of doing so, bring much more than the necessities. If you can sit down a week before and make a list of the crucial items for your trip, you can eliminate the potential to bring more than you need. Once you have your list, determine what “luxuries” or items you would like to bring but are not vital.


Multifaceted Items

There are plenty of travel items that can play double-duty on your trip. Take the time to realize what can serve more than one purpose, and choose that over two additional pieces of content. Certain items such as oversized scarves can be used as blankets on the flight, as well as an item of clothing (shawl, scarf, etc.) during your tip. If there are laundry services at your final destination, consider taking a few versatile pieces of clothing. You can then do washing throughout your stay.


Can You Buy It?

Save yourself the space and hassle of buying all of the travel-sized toiletries. Most likely, your hotel or accommodations will provide them, or a store near buy will have them. If you were planning on some retail therapy before your trip, consider taking fewer articles with you and do a bit of shopping there. Even tropical islands have malls and boutiques.


Utilize Every Nook and Cranny

The first aspect of making use out of the space you have is to buy a carry-on bag with lots of zippers and extra compartments. Take advantage of every centimeter in there. Ways to save space could include; putting socks inside of shoes, filling empty space with undergarments you don’t mind balling up.