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If you’re someone who does a lot of traveling, then you know how important and necessary it is to know where your luggage is. Especially for frequent flyers, who get that knot of anxiety when thinking to themselves, “I hope my luggage is here”. Lucky for you, 2018 is a time of technology and innovation, which has led us straight to luggage trackers.

For some, the idea might sound a little silly. They may wonder why anyone would need to track their luggage, or find this a necessity. That answer, of course, is very simple. You track your luggage to find out where it us, whether it got lost in baggage claim, or was set down and forgotten along the way. Here is a list of some of the best luggage trackers on the market.


Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, the LugLoc uses GSM-GPRS technology. Meaning, the device will automatically turn on once your plane has stopped. The device does require a service plan, but is absolutely worth it for those heavy travelers.


It’s no secret why the TrakDot is one of the more popular tracking devices available. The tracker comes equipped with both GSM and Bluetooth capabilities. The best part about the TrakDot is it also has a two-day continuous battery life, optimal for those who fly often that can’t risk lost luggage. You can find the TrakDot available on Amazon.

Smart Unit Waldo

Also available on Amazon, the Smart Unit Waldo is also a fan favorite. Similar to the LugLoc, the device is designed to automatically self-activate when your plane lands. In addition to this, it will also connect to your phone and notify you when your luggage has arrived safely. The device also comes with some security features, including an alert if someone has either picked up your luggage, or your luggage has been opened.

Though there are many luggage trackers on the market to choose from, these are all great options for someone who is looking into purchasing their first tracker. Save yourself the time and stress of lost luggage, and keep those worries away from your future trips.