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If you’ve done some flying recently, you may have realized how cramped conditions have gotten up in the skies. No, I’m not talking about all the UFO sightings reported recently, but about the diminishing amounts of legroom afforded to Economy class fliers in recent years. With a standard of 30 inches or less of pitch, the industry term for the amount of space between your seat and the one in front, it’s almost impossible to find an airline where you can enjoy flying in comfort.

Almost, but not completely, impossible. Below we list some of the few airlines that are still willing to offer their customers some space to stretch. Keep in mind that cabins and fleets are constantly being updated, so the following information is subject to change.

If you’re flying international and would like a few more inches of comfort, consider the following airlines. While an extra two or three inches may not feel like much, they’ll definitely make the difference when you’re getting squished between the seat in front of you leaning back and the children behind you kicking you forward for 8 to 12 or more hours.

Aeromexico & Interjet

Mexico’s flag-carrying airline, Aeromexico and self-described “JetBlue of Mexico”, Interjet airline, rank at the top of this list with a generous 34 inches of pitch in most of their aircraft’s Economy class seats.

Japan Airlines & Turkish Airlines

Next on this list are Nikkō, also known as Japan Airlines, and the national flag carrier of Turkey, Turkish Airlines. These aircraft range in economy class pitch from 33 – 34 inches.

South African Airways

The flag-carrier of South Africa ranks next with a whole 33.5 inches of pitch in most of their economy class seats.

American Airlines With the Most Legroom

If you do a lot of flying for work, you’ll be grateful for the following airlines. Even though a shorter national flight doesn’t take too long, the extra space is still nice as you fly between your favorite American cities.


At the top of the list, we’ll find JetBlue, one of America’s top-rated economy airlines. Their aircraft sport a spacious 33 – 34 inches of pitch in most of their Economy seats.

Alaska Airlines

Thanks to their recent acquisition of Virgin America’s fleet, Alaska Airlines can now offer 32 inches of legroom in most of their aircraft.


Another customer favorite, most Southwest’s fleet offer fliers 32 inches of pitch for a better-than-most flying experience.