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Traveling can be stressful enough with a group of people or with a significant other. It can be even more overwhelming when traveling solo. There are so many aspects of a trip to plan that it seems impossible to do by yourself. The good news is that it is entirely possible to travel solo without extra stress. Here are a few of the best products no solo traveler should ever leave home without.

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Neck Pillow

Lack of sleep is a common affliction felt by all travelers at one or many points in time. Keep a neck pillow that can be clipped on a bag or easily stored in your backpack or suitcase to save space. This simple item can transform a flight from long and unbearable to a well-rested ride that leaves you ready to explore.

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Earplugs/Noise Canceling Headphones

If you end up staying in a noisy area or have loud roommates where you’re staying, noise canceling headphones and earplugs can do wonders for your peace of mind and ensure you are not sleep deprived.


Travel Kit with Reusable Bottles

Always be prepared. This is also a great tool to keep you from overpacking. The reusable bottles are great for shampoo and other self-care products. It’s compact, so it will also fit easily in a small bag, or even a carry-on.

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Portable Chargers

If you decide to only bring your phone as a way to capture memories instead of a camera make sure you have a backup to keep it charged all day. It’s far easier and less time-consuming to plug your phone into something that’s portable than to find a place where you can stop to charge your phone.


Chapstick with SPF

This item might not come to your mind first when thinking of essential travel items, but it is useful year-round no matter the climate you find yourself in. Keep yourself protected and as healthy as possible.

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A Buff

There are many names for this incredibly versatile piece of clothing. It can be used as a face mask in cold weather or as protection in the heat. It can even transform into a headband to battle the dreaded bed head.

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Wet Wipes

When traveling, showers can become few and far between depending on the style or length of your adventure. By packing wet wipes (bonus points if they’re scented), you can save your nose and the noses of others by sprucing up on the go. While it will never be as satisfying as a real shower, it is the next best thing.