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It’s no secret that traveling can be a time-consuming thing, even if you are going on your next adventure. As a frequent traveler, I am always looking for ways to cut down on my travel times. One of the biggest contributors to wasted time spent during traveling is, of course, the airport. Through my travels, I’ve learned different tips and tricks to cut down my wait times at airports, all of which are listed below. Some of them are more attainable than others, but all offer the ability to cut down on wait times.

TSA PreCheck

The transportation security administration offers flyers the ability to enroll in their PreCheck program. The program allows passengers to enter their own security line that is much shorter than the standard lines, lets people keep their shoes on during the security checkpoint, and allows travelers to carry 3.4 ounces or less of liquids in their carry on bags. The fee for five years is $85, and the service is offered in over 200 domestic airports.


Through the use of biometrics-based technology, this program allows travelers to skip waiting in the TSA ID check line, and grants them immediate access to the TSA PreCheck. While the CLEAR program works alongside TSA PreCheck, it does not necessarily replace it. Either way, it’s still a viable option to speed up wait times pre-flight.

VIP Airport Concierges

The next level of airport streamlining is VIP Airport Concierge programs. These programs include being picked up by your concierge curbside when arriving at the airport, and having them escort you through security and/or customs, often times taking you immediately to the front of any lines. In addition to the VIP security treatment, they also provide passengers with a private lounge or terminal to wait for their flight to begin boarding. The fees range anywhere from $150- $4,00 depending on which service you are looking for.M

While these are just a few of the options available to help you streamline wait times at the airport, each one of them can help ease the pain of constantly waiting in lines. All time spent traveling is precious, so consider these options today.