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If your bucket list has gotten a tad bit dusty lately consider this a wake up call for your travel inspiration. Finding a hotel in the perfect location can be tricky. Finding a hotel with incredible views and amenities as well as a great location can be even harder. Treat yourself to these incredible hotels with unbelievable views on your next luxurious vacation.

Coastline Of Crete Greece


Hotel: Blue Palace

Location: Elounda, Crete

Why You Should Visit: This hotel boasts out of this world views of crystal clear waters. It is located near the Palace of Knossos, many unforgettable restaurants, wineries, spas, and a private beach. This hotel is perfect for beachgoers, history buffs, and those who love fantastic food.

Habour Of Capri


Hotel: J.K Place

Location: Capri

Why You Should Visit: The island of Capri has been used as a resort since the days of Caesar Augustus. If the history of the famous island isn’t enough inspiration, consider the clear blue waters and delicious Italian food nearby. The hotel also offers a terrace pool that is perfect for watching sunsets.



Hotel: Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai

Location: Hoi An

Why You Should Visit: Whether you go on vacation for the adventure or to spend as much time relaxing on a beach, this hotel has something for everyone. Its main feature is the cascade of tiered trinity pools that begin at the center of the resort and flow towards the beach.

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Hotel: Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a Rosewood Resort

Location: Los Cabos

Why You Should Visit: Need a personal butler to take your vacation to the next level? This hotel offers that and so much more. If horseback riding through the waves and candlelit dinners sound like an incredible hotel, this should be your top pick.

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St. Lucia

Hotel: Ladera Resort

Location: Soufrière

Why You Should Visit: Two volcanic peaks dot the coastline and break up the clear Caribbean waters to give a one of a kind view to visitors. The resort’s land used to be a part of the country’s oldest cocoa plantations and is the only resort located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Crowds will never be a problem here either as there are only 37 rooms.


United States

Hotel: The Ritz-Carlton

Location: Half Moon Bay, California

Why You Should Visit: The rugged coastline of California is like no other. There are few places in the world where hotels can offer stunning views of the ocean from a clifftop as well as the beach, and this is one of them.

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South Africa

Hotel: The Marly

Location: Cape Town

Why You Should Visit: With both mountain- and sea-facing rooms, there is something for everyone here. While the beaches are spectacular during the day, the most travel-inspiring features are the breath-taking sunsets.



Hotel: The St. Regis

Location: Bali

Why You Should Visit: The 40,000-square-foot saltwater lagoon is enticing enough, but add a private sand beach and an opportunity to see sea turtles hatch is just a few of the attractions this hotel offers.

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Hotel: Hotel Sahrai

Location: Fez

Why You Should Visit: Many hotels on this list feature expansive beaches, but Morocco offers incredible views of a much different sort. The hotel is centrally located in the Medieval city and sits on a hillside that is overflowing with terraces, dining areas, and an infinity pool.

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Hotel: The Brando

Location: Tetiaroa

Why You Should Visit: The island was originally owned by the actor, Marlon Brando and was his personal refuge from the world. Each of the 35 villas offers supreme privacy while also boasting environmentally-friendly features. The villas were constructed with sustainable local wood, and the villas are cooled by seawater-powered air conditioning. This refuge is the perfect spot for private beach views and escaping the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world.