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Anyone who is a frequent traveler knows the importance of carrying a credit card with them. There will always be times when people are in a crunch and need to fall back on a credit card. However, the importance of knowing which credit cards are the most beneficial to a traveler is something different entirely. Below are the top three credit cards that are most beneficial to travelers.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card allows travelers to earn points on every single purchase they make. The bonus to this point system is that for every traveling and dining purchase that is made the user will gain 2 points. Each reward point earned is $1.25 when it is redeemed for travel. The points on this card can also be transferred over to major airlines and hotels for the traveler’s convenience. The $95 annual fee is also waived when activating this card.

Capital One Venture

Right off the back, the Capital One Venture card offers its users the choice of 50,000 travel miles or $500 in travel. One of the biggest perks of earning points with this credit card is that it also allows you to earn twice as many miles on every purchase that is made. For anyone who travels this can be huge as you are able to trade in these miles.

Bank Americard Travel Rewards

The Bank Americard Travel Rewards credit card is perfect for anyone who is planning to make several trips throughout the year. The perks of this credit card are endless. This card has no annual fee to pay and also has no foreign transaction fee for travelers overseas. Every dollar spent with this card earns 1.5 points, and these points have no expiration date! Having a checking account through Bank of America also allows a person to earn a ten percent bonus on all purchases.

Each of these three credit cards can be beneficial to any frequent traveler. The benefits that come with them can pay off throughout their travels. Points can be earned and traded for miles and help with travel and accommodations. With no annual fees, it’s difficult to beat either three of these credit cards. Travelers should take the time to consider these options.