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One of the challenges of life today is a sense of hyper-connectedness; everyone seems to know where everyone is and what they’re doing. With solo travel, people have the option to travel completely untethered.

Bring A Book

Traveling alone often means dining alone, and this can be a delicious treat. Bring a book and enjoy the solitude. For those who enjoy writing, consider bringing a journal or laptop; the whole table belongs to the diner, why not use it!

If possible, sit in a booth. This will provide more privacy and reduce the feeling of being on display, particularly if the restaurant is crowded.

Start Early

Sightsee with the sun. Getting up early offers a better chance of getting a good table at a cafe for breakfast, and many museums can be very quiet during the first few hours. In addition, those who are up early can avoid rush hour traffic on highways, trains, and buses.

Connect With Others Deliberately

Apps such as Meetup are a great way to connect with like-minded people who share similar interests. Rather than risking striking up a conversation with a complete stranger at a restaurant or pub, joining one of these groups for coffee can provide interesting company and a chance to escape and return to solitude.

Invest In Travel Gear

A backpack offers hands-free storage of crucial items. Rather than fiddling with a purse, computer bag and suitcase, consider getting a backpack style handbag with internal pouch access. This will keep critical items such as wallet and phone close at hand, but travelers will have their hands free for handling transactions and managing suitcases.

For travelers who enjoy backpacking, be certain to invest in a bag with great support, a waist belt, and a chest strap. If a situation feels unsafe, a well-fastened backpack can make it much easier to run away; a loose pack will bobble around and may cause balance issues.

Provide A Trusted Friend With An Itinerary

It may be extremely tempting to just drop off the face of the earth when traveling alone, but this isn’t safe. For those who desperately need to disconnect, simply leave a copy of scheduled travel stops with a trusted friend or family member. Provide a simple check-in via text or email at an agreed-on time so those back home can relax about safety.