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Squeezed right in the middle of the Caribbean islands, lies a French territory and popular tourist destination, St. Barts. This tiny island provides its visitors with beautiful white beaches, clear water, and a small community of friendly locals. The island is tricky to get too, as there is no airport so most tourists arrive via private jet. If you’re looking for a trip, and are truly ready to splurge, this island, owned by the French, is the one for you. Here are some of the best ways to see and enjoy your time on the island.




What sets St. Barts’ apart from most of the other Caribbean island is their public access to all 14 of the beaches on the island. While many islands have limited beach access, guests of St. Barts’ can choose a new location for soaking up the sun on each day of the trip. U.S. News puts it perfectly when they describe the destination as “a Euro-themed utopia with plenty of shoreline for ultimate relaxation.” If you truly want to see scenery that will take your breath away, don’t skip a few hours at Anse des Flamands. This beach has dozens of dining options to take a break at during a sun-filled day.




The capital city if St. Barts’ is rarely ever empty. During the day you can stroll along the streets and get in plenty of retail therapy and good eats. For those interested in getting out of the sun for a bit, there are a few historical sites including Fort Gustav and the Wall House Museum. Most visitors don’t mind the lack of culture, as they are likely there to clear their minds and relax during their time away from the “real world”. If you want a high-energy nightlife, stick around Gustavia, you might even run into one of the many celebrities who frequent St. Barts’


Water Sports


With clear blue waters, it is almost impossible to want to dive into them and see what is under the surface. Anse de Grand Cul-de-Sac, is one of the primary beaches for partaking in and and most all water sports there are to offer. Grab a snorkel mask and check out the colorful ocean life that resides right near the shores. Or take a boat ride out to sea and explore the depths of the Caribbean waters. Whether you’re into kayaking, fishing, or windsurfing, you won’t leave the island disappointed. No matter where you are on St. Barts’ there will always be plenty of restaurants with French themes and Caribbean pizzaz to satisfy your cravings!